Michio Kaku: Predictions on the Future

In the future, we will access the internet through our contact lens, according to Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist and futurist, speaker at the 2012 Credit Suisse Private Banking USA Entrepreneur Summit.

Tell us a little bit about what we can expect in the next 20 years.
Michio Kaku: Science is the engine of prosperity. Look at all the fantastic wealth that we see around us: wealth from computer chips, iPods, iPads, GPS satellites and lasers. All this wealth comes from science – that’s where entrepreneurship comes in. Entrepreneurs are the rocket fuel for the engine of this prosperity.

How should entrepreneurs think differently about their businesses as they go forward?
Telecommunications is one area entrepreneurs should think about – the computer revolution has not yet peaked yet. Then biotechnology – in future we will have a human body shop where we can order different organs. We will also have the internet in our contact lens, we will simply blink and be on line. When I see your face, I’ll see your biography next to your name. And if you interview me in Chinese, no problem, I’ll see subtitles underneath your name.

What are best practices for entrepreneurs going forward?
Getting together and having critical mass: when you bring a bunch of visionaries together who share their ideas, then they have the energy, the resources, the farsightedness to really take their ideas and make them into companies. The ideas then generate profit. That’s where progress comes from. Again, entrepreneurship is the rocket fuel of this engine, the engine is science and it generates wealth.

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