31st May 2012
ConventionPoint, Zurich

PIP Investor Zurich

For the 5th consecutive year the PIP Investor Zurich Conference 2012 will feature contributions from senior investment specialists and major allocators, analysing current behaviour across financial markets. As downgrades and politics continue to implicate the growing concerns in Europe, we evaluate to what extent will the impact of inflationary pressure have on global bond and commodity portfolios?

With unprecedented volatility in equity markets, are traditional investment techniques still appropriate for institutional investors and does diversifying a portfolio really work in today’s financial markets? Our experts will evaluate whether the Swiss franc is likely to get stronger and what lessons have hedge fund managers learnt from the previous crisis? All this and more from this year’s PIP Investor Zurich conference. 

Alongside the main conference will feature a host of interactive workshops, dedicated exclusively to a number of timely investment strategies across a series of asset classes.

Zurich ETF Seminar

Global ETPs delivered total AUM growth of $191.1bn so far in 2012 driven by $66.0bn of inflows and $125.1bn of favourable market and exchange rate movements. Fixed income was the top asset gathering category for the year with $25.5bn or 39% of total net new assets. North America Equity attracted $21.6bn YTD or 33% of total ETP inflows. Europe equity ETPs relinquished ($5.9bn) YTD concentrated in April outflows from German DAX products.* 

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Government Collapses

After weeks of negotiations, the government failed to gain support for an additional EUR 14 billion (2.3% of GDP) austerity programme meant to bring the fiscal deficit to 3% by 2013.

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Water – investment theme par excellence

Global water demand is growing faster than the world’s population. Unlike other materials such as oil or gold, however, water is not a tradable commodity. Water purification and supply, along with wastewater treatment, are therefore much more interesting themes for the sustainable investor.

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How Football and the Olympics are Transforming Rio

For decades Rio de Janeiro’s economy and image suffered due to corruption, violent street criminals and neglected infrastructure.

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Funds load up on cash as euro fears intensify - Reuters poll

LONDON (Reuters) – Global investors, fearful of the escalating euro zone sovereign debt crisis and slowing world economy, retreated sharply from equities in May and held more cash than at any stage since the crisis erupted in early 2010, a Reuters poll showed on Thursday.

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3i boosts debt assets with deal for Invesco funds

LONDON (Reuters) – Private equity firm 3i Group said it had agreed to buy a clutch of debt funds from Invesco, as the group steps up efforts to diversify away from traditional private equity deals under new Chief Executive Simon Borrows.

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Rothschilds buy into Rockefeller wealth business

LONDON (Reuters) – Two of the most storied names in global finance are linking up, with Europe’s Rothschild banking dynasty agreeing to buy a stake in the Rockefeller group’s wealth and asset management business to gain a long-sought foothold in the United States.

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